Anser - Kleje meblarskie


Zakłady Chemiczne „ANSER” Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company operating on the market since 1989. In 1997, we were the first in Poland to launch the production of hydrous adhesives for the furniture industry, and for a long time we were sole producers of such preparations in the country. In 1999 we expanded the offer with fusible adhesive and so far we have remained the only company producing such adhesives in Poland. All the adhesives on offer were developed in our Research-and-Development Laboratory in close cooperation with industry. The application of adhesives at our clients’ takes into account individual suggestions from plants, which often brings about modifications in the parameters of goods adjusting our products to changes in materials and customer’s needs. We sell our products complete with technological service, which thoroughly encompasses the whole of the gluing process. In over fifteen years of production for the furniture industry, we have developed and implemented as follows:

  • water adhesives based on the dispersion of homopolymers PVAc, PU , copolymers EVA and polychloroprene latexes,
  • solvent free adhesives based on prepolymer PU,
  • solvent adhesives based on caoutchouc,
  • fusible adhesives based on copolymers EVA.